With a reputation for delivering the safest, most efficient and high-performance access and scaffolding solutions available today, SafwayAtlantic serves customers in the New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle metropolitan markets. SafwayAtlantic provides comprehensive solutions for new construction, renovation and maintenance with the greatest depth and expertise in hoists and business maintenance units (BMUs) along with the widest array of motorized access, scaffolding and related industrial services.

SafwayAtlantic by BrandSafway was created by bringing together the experience and expertise of two trusted names in the industry: Atlantic Hoisting & Scaffolding, which was founded in 2006, and BrandSafway, which has a rich 100-plus year history.

In December 2018, BrandSafway and SafwayAtlantic announced the acquisition of Cabrillo Hoist, a leading provider of construction hoists and elevators on the West Coast. During 2019, in an effort to increase its premium motorized capabilities in the Bay Area and throughout Southern California, SafwayAtlantic announced the acquisition of Sheedy Hoist.

Whether your access challenge is large or small, complex or straightforward, we look forward to providing a world-class solution to efficiently and safely meet your access, hoisting or scaffolding needs.